Family Emergency Plan

  • Determine where you and your family will go (to a relative, a friend, an emergency shelter) in the event you have to evacuate or you think that you may not be safe at your own house.
  • On a map, outline the quickest and safest route needed to get to your destination.  Remember, low-lying areas may be unsafe for travel during a storm.
  • Review your insurance policies and coverage.
  • Take photos and/or video footage of your property.  Store this information with your important papers.  Make copies of the documents and photographs and leave them with someone you trust.
  • Visually inspect your home and property.  Make any repairs necessary: check the roof for loose sheeting/nails; clear the gutters and drains to ensure proper drainage; cut loose or overhanging branches; check the ground for debris or items such as furniture that could blow away.
  • Purchase plywood, rope, extra nails and tarpaulins for protecting windows and doors.
  • Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit.
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