What to do if You are at Risk From a Storm Surge

A storm surge is a feature of a hurricane, so take the following general precautions when a hurricane threatens:

  • Monitor the radio.
  • Wrap important personal items, family documents and electrical appliances in plastic bags and store away from the reach of flood waters.
  • Move your refrigerator, stove and furniture to a higher floor, or place them on building blocks and secure to the wall.
  • Shut off electrical power, gas and water supplies in areas in immediate danger of flooding.
  • Store all chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, etc., in properly labelled waterproof containers and store away from floodwaters.
  • Move small boats to higher ground. Move larger boats and moor in a safe cove.
  • Be aware. If you see waves coming in higher than normal tide, be prepared to evacuate.
  • Take all necessary flood precautions. (linked to flood page)


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