20th March, 2021




  1. The Seismic Research Centre and the Soufriere Monitoring Unit Team visited the volcano on Friday 19th March, 2021 to conduct a drone aerial survey and to make general observations of any physical changes.


  1. Satellite radar imagery and photographs acquired on March 19, 2021 showed that the lava dome continues to grow, advancing to the north and south since the last radar image that was obtained on the 13th March, 2021.


  1. The new dome continues to grow towards the north-west and south-east with the most active gas emissions being at the top of the new dome, as well as the contact areas between the pre-existing 1979 dome and the 2020-21 dome.



  1. Two campaign GPS stations were installed at Jacob’s Well and Table Rock on Friday 19th March, 2021.


  1. Work continues on the preparation and testing of a multigas monitoring instrument which will be installed at the volcano.


  1. The gases coming from the new dome are acidic and can possible cause respiratory harm to human beings. They can also possibly cause unconsciousness and difficulty breathing. The gases can also have a corrosive effect on the skin and eyes, even with short exposure.


  1. NEMO continues to appeal to the public to desist from visiting the La Soufrière Volcano, especially going into the crater, since doing so is extremely dangerous.


  1. The National Emergency Management Organisation is reminding the public that no evacuation order or notice has been issued.


  1. NEMO will continue to provide regular updates on all activities taking place at La Soufrière.