1. The seismic tremor generated by voluminous energetic venting of La Soufrière Volcano continued overnight.


  1. The amplitude of the tremor peaked between 8 pm and midnight on 9 April and slowly declined over the next few hours. There were some periods of increased amplitude during the decline, associated with pulses in the ash venting.


  1. A small number of volcano-tectonic, long-period and hybrid earthquakes were recorded during the tremor.


  1. Audible rumblings accompanied by ash venting occurred throughout most of the night with ashfall reported throughout the island.


  1. The volcano has entered an explosive eruptive phase that may continue over the next few days and weeks. Explosions are expected to be of similar or greater magnitude.


  1. Alert level is RED.


  1. Seventy-eight shelters with more than 3000 occupants are now fully operational.


  1. Other evacuees have sought shelter with family and friends.


  1. The National Emergency Operations Center continues to be fully functional operating on a twenty-four hour, around the clock basis.


  1. NEMO will continue to provide regular updates as they continue to monitor the Volcano.