1. Seismic activity at La Soufrière, Volcano continued the pattern established after the explosive activity on 18 April.


  1. Small long-period and hybrid earthquakes continued to be recorded. The network also recorded a few rockfalls and volcano-tectonic earthquakes.


  1. No seismic tremor has been recorded in the last 12 hours. Measurements of sulphur dioxide flux at La Soufriere volcano was again undertaken along the west coast today with the assistance of the coastguard.


  1. Several traverses were done by boat and yielded an average SO2 flux of 350 tons per day. Since the initial depressurization noted immediately following the April 9 explosive phase, the continuous GPS network has recorded a decrease in the overall rates of horizontal and vertical movement.


  1. The volcano continues to erupt. Its pattern of seismic activity over the last few days is typical of the growth and destruction of lava domes.


  1. Explosions with accompanying ashfall, of similar or larger magnitude, can occur with little or no warning


  1. Alert level remains RED.